How will Coworking help build sustainable businesses during Covid-19

Coworking spaces have been around for quite sometime now and it is good to know that Coworking sector is here to stay and for long. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and entire corporate framework almost under threat, Coworking spaces are probably one of the best bets when it comes to alternate office spaces , especially amidst this Pandemic it is not only the best place to set foot when you long to work out of a typical office setup but also the safest given you have the option to choose based on your preference. In fact, Coworking spaces are one of the best available option when it comes to building up sustainable businesses during Covid 19 and it is interesting to know that the reasons are not very far fetched.

Cost effective solution- Yes, Coworking spaces are by far the most cost effective way of working, all you need is just choose a cowork space as per your preference and just show up, based on your requirement choose a spot, make it your own. It’s that simple! No hassles of long winding searches for an office space and figuring out the herculean tasks like the logistics etc. You only pay what you use, rest is not for you to figure. So, you see, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Dual Benefits- When you choose to work out of a Coworking space, you are getting double the benefit with the price of one. How, you may ask. Well, you get to work in complete solitude but not in isolation. When you choose to be part of a Coworking space you are signing up to be a part of an interesting and thriving community for free, this comes with the territory. You get to meet professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life which not only benefit your overall development but also plays a huge part when you are just a start up with a handful of people looking for the much needed recognition to boost your business, that too without being on the billboards. The best Coworking spaces in South Delhi boasts of few of the promising and upcoming business houses and startups. In fact, few of the most established companies of today were conceived and founded at Coworking spaces only.

Relevance Factor- the year 2020 has shown the world the power of today. Never before we have ever concentrated on this tense, the ‘Present Tense’, we were all so focused and invested for a better tomorrow that we completely ignored ‘Today’, so, now is what that all matters, how relevant you are today is going to float your boat, so in a way coworking space is the ‘NOW’, it is the revolutionary now solution for today. No one wants to invest in a dream that belongs in tomorrow, hence, we can clearly state that anyone who is looking out for an office space is most likely to choose Coworking spaces over traditional self owned offices as tomorrow is not guaranteed. What you have now is all what you will ever have.

Coordination of resources for SMEs- Coworking spaces are not only for the remote workers but it also immensely supports and provides a platform for small and medium enterprises. They are crucial for sole proprietors, small businesses, startups and other solitary workers. It is these peripheral businesses that will be harder to reach when it comes to resources and the need for it during this pandemic. The various Govt reliefs, funding, loans and grants that are being introduced by the Govt during this pandemic to support such SMEs might not be easy to access for these small businesses if not for these Coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are well-positioned making it easier for these SMEs to access various services. So, you see, by choosing a Coworking space as your workplace can prove to be one of the best decisions during Covid 19.